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Argentina Rugby collection. With our rugby jerseys and polos, we would like to introduce you to some of the historical moments of global rugby. The jerseys, polo shirts and sweatshirts of Argentina convey the energy of one of America's most important rugby teams and the team with the most titles in America. In the Rugby World Rankings, Argentina ranks tenth, making it one of the great rugby teams in the world, which ranked fifth after the 2015 World Cup.

Among others you will find the following models in our assortment:

Vintage Rugby Shirt of Argentine pumas from the 80s: In this decade, the Pumas made a qualitative leap forward against the major rugby powers, defeating the Southboks of South Africa, the Autralia team, and drawing against the New Zealand All-Blacks. On the left chest a Puma shield is engraved. A beautiful shirt that reflects a great moment of the Argentine team.

Hoodie Argentina 1991 | Vintage Rugby: Puma inspired hooded sweatshirt with embroidered puma shield on the chest, ideal for leisure or sports. A timeless and straightforward sweatshirt.

At the last 2015 Rugby World Cup, Argentina's selection finished second in the group stage to the eventual winner New Zealand and eliminated Ireland in the quarter-finals. However, they failed in the semifinals to Australia and in the match for third place to South Africa, thus ending the tournament in fourth place. Not to forget the great performance at the 2007 World Cup when they surprised by winning the bronze medal.

At the Rugby World Cup 2019 Argentina starts the competition in Group C and has to compete with the rugby teams from France, England, the USA and Tonga. A moment for lovers of the oval ball sport, for whom we present the ideal preparation for the World Cup with unique and high quality Retrorugby® polo shirts, sweatshirts and jerseys. Our models are faithful replicas of the original shirts with symbols that reflect the high competitiveness of this 100-year-old albiceleste team and are made entirely of 100% high quality cotton.