France Rugby Collection

We present you the French national rugby equipment collection, a selection with a strong track record, considered one of the best teams in global rugby. Vintage jerseys, polo shirts and rugby shirts keep track of famous events in the history of French rugby.

Amongst others you will find the following rugby jerseys:

France rugby jersey 1924. The jersey of the French national rugby team at the 1924 Olympic Games in France. The French national team hosted the Ganes and went on to win it aswell. The Blues played a controversial final against the United States team. American players were more used to football, but were in much better shape than the blues, who were surprised by the state of the Americans. The most famous player of the blues was Adolphe Jaurenguy, who recorded four attempts. A beautiful 20s rugby polo shirt with a stunning rooster emblem embroidered on the heart.

France jersey of the 70s. This decade is important for French rugby, notably the achievement of the second Grand Slam at the Five Nations Tournament in 1977. The team was coached by Jean Desclaux and led by the admirable Captain Jacques Fouroux. An extraordinary fact of this championship is the participation of the same 15 French players during the 10 meetings. This jersey symbolizes an outstanding performance of a selection that is part of the history of French rugby. The shield under a red background and the blue color of the French team make this jersey a must for all fans of French rugby.

Jersey France 2018/2019. The jersey of the next Rugby World Cup Japan 2019, the ninth edition of the championship. France will compete in the group stage from 20 September against the teams from England, Argentina, the USA and Tonga. The Le Coq Sportif polo shirt is inspired by the golden age of French rugby. A very elegant and contemporary jersey.

You will also appreciate the ideal sweatshirts to follow the World Cup and the Le Coq sportif polos, which is highly esteemed by our rugby fan base. Follow the blues of rugby, your team always with pride and loyalty, because at the World Cup in Japan great emotions await us.